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I can't even find the sword stealing goblin in the temple. >_<

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Greetings dev and good luck with game development. When I transfer my save files from the 1.20c  to 1.25f version, I get the following error; " Can't read property '0' of undefined " . What can I do ?

My game is broken (I activated the last crystal in the lock and the door won't let me out. At the same time, autosave occurred. Can you tell me what to do?

Futanari gang

how do i trigger the h scene with cuzia and the high elf at ivor?

(sorry for the bad grammar)

You'll need an Elixer of Charming to trigger the h scene with Sylvia, the Highelf in Ivor

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can i play with only mouse,or just the buttons work?

Mouse works!

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How to fix the quest journal going black when I try to view a quest?

I played it thru joiplay

You should join the discord so we can help you out with that. Link is on the landing page.

Hey guys, I was just wondering. I just finished the Haunted Woods mission and I know that is possible to make the Old Hag fuck Hitomi, but how?! Can anyone please explain?

The Old Hag fucking Hitomi is a Monster Break scene that occurs in combat if you have the Hag arrested.

Later when you do the sneaking mission in the Ivor Palace, she's in the jail cell next to you after getting caught. Fight her and that's where it happens.

Dear Skyward Foundry Dev,

It seems that both of your Discord servers have been abandoned, and your Twitter account has been suspended. I imagine that you likely will not receive this message either, but we don't know how else to get in touch with you at this time…

We hope you are alright, and that you are able to reinstate your Twitter and any other accounts that have been hijacked or suspended.


? What do you mean ? Both discord servers are active. Just join and say where you joined from and we'll update your roles.

Also my new twitter handle is @EraantheFuta

"Just join and say where you joined from and we'll update your roles."

We tried that and nothing happened… We'll try again in the morning if we remember.

xD Don't leave immediately haha. I check the new joins whenever I wake up.

This has been bugging us for a while… is the post about "Mistress M" on July thirteenth of this year (in the ELO Hell Discord) a serious post?

We have difficulty telling… Though it might have been when you were hacked?

That aside… We need to find time to download and play Project Skyforge again; We haven't played it since the bug report(?) we made ages ago, and we feel bad about that…

how do i get the pickaxe to break the diamond 

Proceed through Act II and get to the top of the Mage's Guild. After speaking with Saya and going through that short Dark Castle intermission you should get the Diamond Pickaxe.

the project has been abandoned?

lul no f95 zone is just retarded

Where is the glade?

This is the map I made about the mystic ruins (first dungeon) I'm not able to find another way to the goblin door, I have three keys, found two doors and this are my unlocked paths, the S is the scrolls room, the Y's  are the yellow stones, the lower Y is activated and shining, the upper is not reachable, the two circles are two not reachable portals for now, can anyone draw where is the third door or the path I'm missing? Thanks

Holy shit, there was two rocks in the upper Y room with shadows

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, glad you were able to find your way. You should join the ELO Heaven discord if you have any other questions; plenty of play testers there and myself to help you out more promptly.

Is there a way to rewatch H-scenes ?

ProjectSkyward 1.25f\www\img\picturegallery In that route you have the scene images

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Well, i meant, the scene with Yoshiko and stuff


wait its that tales of androgyny number 2?



what is the difference between versions 1.25f and 1.25e or 1.25d?


You can check out the patch log between each version via the dev posts.

anybody has a guide to this? its 2 hard

You should join the discord server if you have any questions; plenty of ppl willing to drop tips and hints for you if you're stuck. #project_skyward channel via the link above.


I know you don't really seem to check this page often but I was wondering if you could add more futa on futa scenes in the final upcoming act, I would appreciate it and unless you already have them planned then that is even better


That's the plan! :]

Where do I find Xan? Beat the game and trying to find all the scenes now but no clue where to find this character.


Zan's hscenes are during the Dark Castle Intermissions when you play as the Demon Queen. She can be found in the east wing dungeon cell with the cracked wall upon interacting with it.

how do i get the tool to destroy the diamond crystal

Proceed to Act II and get to the top of the Mage's Guild.

I Have the soluce potion of hiding

Hello,  I need help for midst the halls of kings, how and where activate the citrine angel? I'm outside the king palace and I Have loot the key

did you ever figure it out? I myself cant seem to find the third statue

I believe this one is out in the garden no? The lower left area of the map, there are two gold switches you can step over and interact with.

Hey does anyone know what to do after getting the crimson pass in the crimson trail quest. I have made  it to the jade trail, gone inside the ruins found the king-whatever it's called and nothing has happend.  I can't go past the blue fog at the bottom of the jade trail. The game freezes if i use the wines at the right side of the water at the bottom of the jade trail. Did I miss something?

You need to head south east in the Jade Trail, there's a tunnel there that takes you to another set of Ruins where a cutscene with Hitomi and the lotus fairy will play.


(advanced quest problem)

idk if it's because i don't fully understand english or because i just didn't get the enigma, but can someone explain what am i suppose to do for the 'Reflection in Crystals' quest in the Jade Temple Ruins (mages academy)? 

I need to open the crystal barrier and there's those multiple paths where Hitomi alone is suppose to interact with elemental crystal or whatever and i'm stuck there: i think the lessons in the area give us advice in order to complete the task of chosing which way is the right one, but there again i'm not sure if i'm able to read between the lines of the lessons texts

i hope someone will see this and i wish you all a good day!

I spent 1 hour trying to beat the first boss is it even possible?

Scorch should make short work of him. Be sure to keep taunt up as Yoshiko and try weakening his attack power with Power Break!


anyone knows how to interact with the horse that has a heart on top?

You can do so after Hitomi joins your party :]

Anyone know where is Lichen Coral?

Basement level of the Mage's Guild!

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yo i have a problem: the difficulty to beat the ruin's 'boss', is it really high and you need to farm for a long time monsters to xp, or is there a feature that i don't understand in fights, am i too dumb to beat it...? 

i have yoshiko lvl 10, hitomi 8 isn't it enough? is there a faster way to get xp than wandering in the ruins?

i might just not be used to this level requirement in games, but this seems too hard for me, so i'm asking if it's normal.... thnx :)

i've won

it took me time, but i succeed beating the bad guy's ass

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nicee. i realised he's really weak to fire so hitomi's fire spell works wonders for it. and the fire scrolls too. a good way to earn exp is also to have hitomi and yoshiko do sexual  stuff like interacting with the characters (or horses) with hearts will give exp for those that did the sexual acts individually


oh ok thanks!

yeah i've noticed sexual interaction with the lamia in fights are a good way to get the win fast and easy xp, tho i didnt try with the horses

thank you for your answer :)

So i got the game today real good but i am stuck on the ruins, im still chasing after the goblin with the sword but i have been going through the same places again and again and again, can someone help me please? (If the answer to progress in the ruins was simple you have authority to call me an idiot

have you got the last key? if so then the last place would be the one when at the entrance you're supposed to turn left then go to nearly the end(not the part with the blue, red, green circles) and you're supposed to head down/left when you're nearly at the end and it should lead you to the last door to be open and give you a path to where the thief is at. that path is before the multiple path where there's 2 ways up. hope it helps i can't exactly rmb where it is and perhaps turning right would make it nearer but i got lost doing that haha

Honestly this just confused my peanut sized brain more than it already was, still thanks for trying to help. Too bad there are no guide videos for the game, but it is a game with 18+ scenes so i guess i cant blame anyone for not doing guides.

haha my bad. just try every route on the left and you'll find it. plus its still in development which not many ppl are paying money for i think so i dont anticipate ppl putting a guide on too. i'd liked a guide on all the locations for the dark crystals

Hey so i thought of a way that maybe you could help me without confusing me, i wanted you to tell me what to do from the entrance of the ruins without being to specific, you dont have to do this if you dont want to but i would help a lot, and what i mean with not being to specific is like "Go up, down, (etc)" all you need to do is tell me in which room i should go etc, remember you dont have to do this if you dont want to or dont have the time but honestly without help i will be stuck there for a while, if you help i would appreciate it.

yo i felt a bit stuck too, but i figured out that you can move some stones on the ground by pressing z (or enter) and move toward the black trail on the soil, if you try that on every possible stone block, you should be able to find a way out
though don't be afraid of getting lost in the ruins, eventually the path will appear by itself :)

 have a problem: the difficulty to beat the ruin's 'boss', is it really high and you need to farm for a long time monsters to xp, or is there a feature that i don't understand in fights, am i too dumb to beat it...?


basically what unUnder said. as long as you see there's black trails on the floors where there are barrels/boxes try moving them to where the black trails lead new pathways can be found that way as well. I can't really rmb which room exactly but from the entrance of the ruin, turn left and don't head to the place where there's red blue green icons on the floor. eventually after moving some barrels around you'll find a room where it only leads to a door and this door will lead you to the rock thingy that will give you access to the thief. ofc needa get the rusty keys too but sorry i can't rmb the locations for the keys

For the book sea of wrath in the library the first word is a typo, supposed to be souls instead of ouls

and the 0 probably wasn't meant to be there too

Another typo

a bug: while collecting the piece for the drawf pieces when on the mini farm area, if the dialogue ends when a chicken were to be on the same spot as my character, then the game will freeze

Another one

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also a feedback: the button W seem to skip more dialogue faster than X which would've been better if its in a easier to reach position such as shift.

and i suggest for the next update perhaps just pressing X once would be enough to show the whole dialogue in a text box rather than needing to wait for the '...' or commas or only load one sentence at a time. tho holding onto X seem to do the trick but it may skip the dialogue accidentally as it's too fast to be read. 

also not being able to move when i want to is annoying. this happens when there are reactions in between dialogues. (not including the ones when the text are still being shown) makes me think i can move but cant as the npcs are still talking but no text box was shown. its a huge pain in the ass for someone that likes to interact with everything. would be better to place the reactions in the end of the chat or don't put any at all. same goes for not being able to move when the pop up banner shows up at the top and voice lines in combat. really annoying and a waste of time

and please include the rules of the starcard games. no idea what is plus, same, all

p.s pressing shift allows you to look at text history so thats helpful

Deleted 271 days ago

and a skip prologue option

hey i'm new to the game is there any way to edit the difficulty i"ve been stuck with the boss at the ruins its crazy hard i really dk why making it that defficult rho plz help 

hey guys so i tried to download the file but it doesnt work and if i try it with i get the message "tite is hosted on an incompatible third party webiste."  someone help me pls

I've been enjoying the game quite a  bit, but as i a said before i have been getting stuck every so often which sucks. and at this point i am stuck searching for a way in the glades and i have to help the nymphs or smth but in both cases i have absolutely no idea where to go

Hi! Sorry to hear about you getting stuck.
Does the discord link above not work?

Have you reached the top of the Mage's Guild? It should lead to you acquiring the diamond pickaxe, which you can then use to clear the way the the Serpent Tunnel, located either at the Fairy Undergarden in the Sunset Orchard or the secret entrance in the Haunted Woods.


Hey I have been getting stuck about every hours since i ve started this game, I cant join the discord for some reason. So is there another way I can get a walkthrough guide?

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