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I've been enjoying the game quite a  bit, but as i a said before i have been getting stuck every so often which sucks. and at this point i am stuck searching for a way in the glades and i have to help the nymphs or smth but in both cases i have absolutely no idea where to go

Hi! Sorry to hear about you getting stuck.
Does the discord link above not work?

Have you reached the top of the Mage's Guild? It should lead to you acquiring the diamond pickaxe, which you can then use to clear the way the the Serpent Tunnel, located either at the Fairy Undergarden in the Sunset Orchard or the secret entrance in the Haunted Woods.


Hey I have been getting stuck about every hours since i ve started this game, I cant join the discord for some reason. So is there another way I can get a walkthrough guide?

Alright, I apologize for the spam here. Everytime I run into a road block in the game, I don't have other options except for asking for help. Is there a guide, official or fanmade anywhere that I can use? Some of these quests seem to have either palceholder or no dialogue at all, so it's hard to figure out where to go sometimes. Sorry again for posting so much. 

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Feel free to comment here for help as much as you'd like! :] That's why this section exists right? I recommend also hopping into the discord server and use the channel #project_skyward to ask questions or discuss the game <3

There are saves and some WIP guide stuff pinned.


I really hope I don't end up figuring this out before I get an answer, but here goes. I've become stuck.

I'm in the haunted woods doing the murder quest.  Decided to investigate further, and get a few things and clues. The Brightcap, the message at the bottom of the chest, a note written by a crazy person, etc. From here I seem to be lost, and can't find any other interactables. There's that weird woman coordinating 3 skeletons to dance, but talking to her does nothing.  Am I missing something? 

I've just been popping  potions of hiding and running around touching everything until it runs out, where I load my save and try again.

A few minutes after I typed this, I found out what I needed to do to progress. So...never mind. I'm a brainlet, ignore me. 

I am actually stuick at the same place. Can you give a hint if possible ?

I went outside the woods and back to the Gravesite. Speaking to an NPC there should progress the quest. 

Thanks !

Trried that with little succes. Must be a step made wrong somewhere I think.

Here what I've done (and whe're I'm still stuck T-T) :

- Go into the graveyard site (looked around a little too and spoke to the guard)
- Into the wood I've gone into the hag house buying and talking
- Found kiki and talked to her about
- Confronted the hag about the murder (it made her angry)
- Gone to speak to the guard where I decided to investigate more
- Found the shovel wich was the murder weapon

And I'm basically stuck here in fact. 

Try checking inside the shack outside the woods. And in a barrel (or some kinda container) that's also outside the woods next to the shack. There's a trigger for progression in both those instances. 


I'm wondering when is the development of the pokemon game planned, or will there be plans for this game after Project Skyward is fully released?

I'll definitely be touching Pokemon Hot Pink at some point- but for now there's no plans on an update for it.

can't download , showing undefined build

Download is not active right now because the new version will be out in a week or so

thnx bro app doesn't find anything to install, any help?


I think I'm either dumb or blind but I cannot seem to find the download link/button lol. Please help.

Same here strange 

You have to download the application onto your computer

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OML thanks lol. This is the first time I've ever needed to do that, tyvm for helping me. I was starting to worry nobody would reply and I wouldn't be able to play the new upcoming update. I'll download it rn.

Is there a mage guild in mirrowood a if there is can you tell me where it is I'm so lost.

When you go south of the jade trail, it should be that building on your right, in the overworld map



I think it's better to add levels of difficulty, since it's a very big problem to get to the "content" which usually motivates you to play. Even I am a dude who, through SaveEditor, delivered 1000 attacks, very annoyed by the amount of grind content when you need to get somewhere, but before that you will be attacked a bunch of times. The battle with the Boss cave at the beginning is another test I can't imagine how people passed it without SaveEditor. and there is nothing to add even though I do not know English well it was interesting to watch the plot, the CG here is just fantastic, but as I said, the complexity or even the gaps between the best "content" are too large and some people simply cannot overpower themselves to go through the grind and enjoy reward. (if suddenly someone also wants to change the attack to 1000 via SaveEditor, remember after defeating the golem there will be a fight with the demon, do not beat him here you must lose, just press the defense until you lose)


Heyo, got also stuck at the ruin myself (hitting 2 keys at same time wasn't obvious, nor that those blocks are pushable in all instances in the ruins).

Why not have a cutscene after we see the gobu exit the entrance room where MC push by mistake a bloc which open the 2 sides doors (with a prompt after the cutscene indication the key combination for it).

I know that dumb it down a bit, but if many people have this problem, it might be a solution.

Also found a bug:

At kana, if you talk again with the priest, asking about the religion's past, suddenly, mc slow down to a crawl for some reasons after the speech.


Thanks for the feedback! Next patch has a little segment that will make pushable objects apparent as a feature to address this issue.

uh hey this is my first comment ive tried looking for the answer in the other comments but cant find it im at thedemon queens mines after taking th kings airloom and im stuck at the dragon training grounds im cofused at what i need to do and also the big blue guys just stands there and i took the chest next to him what dod i do?

Download link is not working for Itch app, or at least for mine. Having fun so far after downloading it in browser. 

Been playing the game for a while it is definitly enjoyable and fun. There is humor to be found. However I am stuck in the slums concerning the mold and can't find it anywhere. One half I found in the pile of rubbish in one house yet the other is missing. If it is in the sphinx house in a table I can't pick it up. 

BTW I also like the art

Found the mold, during this seemingly endless search I sort of had a long time playing around with the combat system. Though nice I see possibilities to improve it without breaking too much.

One point I noticed is when Hitomi uses magic guard she gets a shield, some MPs and one or two TPs.  The player has no way to spend this TP they are lost. Now here is an idea Hitomi get's a temporary stance. The temporary stance ends when a specific codition is met.

One such temporary stance could be spell barrage, the next spell she casts is inflicted on all enemies. The stance ends when Hitomi casts a spell.

Another could be artisan focus, the next spell is has 100% crit chance. The stance ends when Hitomi cast a spell.

An supportive stance could be paralising aura, all enemies can not attack until one of them is hit. The spell ends when  one enemy is hit by an attack or a spell.

Now the question is what use would that have.  A synergetic.

Yoshiko does a taunt, hitomi magic guard.

Yoshiko goes crusader stance, Hitomi magic guard

Yoshiko does guard, Hitomi throws a heal on Yoshiko.

Yoshiko does a power break, Hitomi magic guard.

Yoshiko does a taunt, Hitomi magic guard.

This could be done until Hitomi has a tps for a stance.


Overall it is just an idea.

Those are some really awesome ideas :O We're glad you're enjoying it so far- October's update will certainly be adding additional layers to the combat so there's that to look forward to!

We'll certainly be building on Hitomi's combat moving forward.


Hey there. Do you remind where you foudn the two modl by any cahcen ? I found the first one in the house by sheer dumb luck but I can't find the other one. I'm stuck on here it's been days xD

Well it is sort of amusing easy and amusing hard, there is this patch of grass which seem to be blocked by fences, it is on this patch.

I'm just going to throw myself iin a river. God. Damn. It. Thanks !


This is my first time playing the game and I really enjoy the game ,but when I play and  stuck in the slums, I solved the first riddle, but now I'm standing in front of a closed door. I believe I have to move the barrel onto the plate on the left, but the barrel wont move. Is there something I'm missing or is it a bug? 

BTW I really like the art and I'm a bit curious if there are any scenes where Yoshiko being fuck by others. (It is my first comment ever on

Let us know if you need anymore help!

Yoshiko will certainly be on the receiving end soon enough ;]



Okay thank you for your reply and I will try to support ya on patreon .This game is fun ,interesting and a bit humor too, the art is good .GOODJOB


YO! This is my first comment ever on; when i get stuck i usually wait for updates or drop the game altogether but i am loving this one so much that i hope to catch your attention and get an answer.

A guy from 6 months ago had my same problem: once i reach the ruins, i am unable to proceed. i have interacted with every nook and cranny and i believe i have to do something with the white stone plates? like moving stones and rubbles on top of them or simply being on top of them myself, dunno; point being, i can't proceed and althought i may not be the BEST gamer in the world, i believe it's due to a bug. 

P.S. found the comment of the guy from 6 months ago, i'll just copy paste it here:

"Hey dude yeah I'm stuck, I'm near the beginning at ancient ruins where you gotta find that goblin who took your sword. I've somewhat of explored the cave but can't get any further, I assume to get further I've got activate those white plates, I somehow activated one of them but the others don't do anything just doesn't seem to work I've tried everything  to get them to activate but nothing could someone possibly give me a tip please"

Hey! Glad you're enjoying the game. Best way to get tips, guidance, submit bugs, etc. is to join our discord server.

That being said, I do recall someone hopping into the server with the same issue though I don't remember if it was bugged or just them missing an object that needed to be pushed. Make sure you're using Z to push objects as the mouse click won't register the action.

If that doesn't work post your save file in the #project_skyward channel so we can play test it.



Wanted to post my feedback from f95zone hopefully the devs can take their time to read it thank you.

The game art is really amazing love the style one of the best i seen for a western game, the game mechanics could use some work like removing random encounters they are annoying.

But my biggest problem with the game is the art content, and I dont mean the quality or the style both are great, but the problem lies in that the MC yoshiko has way too many sex scenes while the others barely have anything this makes the mc outshine the other characters and becomes this boring repetitve cycle of seeing the same character having sex over and over again, I get that the MC should get more sex scenes but in a game like this I feel like the other characters are just lacking and the dev just keeps pumping out scenes for the MC with little to no content or consideration for the other characters in his game


This is a common concern- don't worry, the rest of the cast will get plenty of hentai content aswell! PS is far from complete; we thank you for your patience and for taking the time to play our game!


I'm chasing the Gutter Rat in Ivor, and cant get through the second room, after getting down the rope, there is nothing i can innteract with other then the locked doors, can i get some help?

move the barrel on the gray platform and the first door will open with the key inside to open the second cell, once everything is done move the barrel back into the cell on the right and the exit will open for you


should add male player character

Hi, I'm having some issues the the game, the text seems to be corrupted and missing, if anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated

You should hop into our discord and post screenshots in #ps_bugs



Wow, I was waiting for this update dude!
Has a lot of new content and hours of gameplay, I just wanna give my thanks to the devs and staff for making this great game, keep going dude!.

Also, what I want to know is why you removed the ''halloween'' dimension.
In previous versions you can access, but now a sign appears and says ''A diamond formation blocks the way''.

I tried everything to break the diamonds but I can't.
I have a theory that it will come back again in the next update maybe? or maybe i don't know how to break the diamonds.

Btw, nice update!.

Thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it :]

The Halloween Dimension/Mansion was made to be accessible now post-Mage's Guild, where you acquire a key item that will allow you to break those diamond formations.

The above mentioned zones will also be updated to include hentai content and bits relevant to the story.


How can i get crimson pass without worship nun at Orchad?


Currently you cannot- but there are plans to make this a branch option, allowing you to submit for the Crimson Pass, or take it by force!

Deleted 2 years ago

Build ends there as you may have surmised by now :]

We look forward to you continuing the story come next patch release. Tysm for taking the time to play <3


Not sure where else to report bugs so I'll put it here:
After delivering the package to April at the beginning. If you leave and reenter the inn(it may be because I saved at the library and exited the game in between reenterring but I doubt it) it triggers the ability to interact with her and request her services even before even witnessing Hitomi's argument with the elder. If you request mouth it bugs out and shows an interaction like Hitomi has already joined you despite not even knowing her name yet in the story and even worse if you request to play with her breasts it soft locks you if you don't get out of the inn before she returns to her room because she never spawns in her room triggering the cutscene but you can't leave the inn anymore without interacting with her. I'm not sure how long between this bug is present in terms of if it goes away by just going back to Kaito like normal and interacting with him first or not but I assume it's going to be present all the way up until you are supposed to have Hitomi with you.

So i don't know if this has been anwsered but after hitomi explains why she saved you her sprite dissapears why is that happening and is there a fi

actually its just anyone in the second position in my party like bubbles appear above their head where they are supposed to be but they arent there

Thanks for the heads up! We'll take a look at it.

no problem

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Hey there just made an account just to give my thanks for the game, its by far the funnest and best rpg maker game I ever played, love the art especially since I love futanari theme games.

I am really looking forward the most to seeing some scenes with Gorakna and hitomi since the curent version left us with just a tease and since I seen on twitter a drawing of them having sex of whats to come.

Anyways enought rambling from me good luck to the team and thanks once again for the hard work.

Super happy you're enjoying it thus far! uvu It really warms our hearts; there's so much more to come and we're super excited to reveal more as PS continues to develop.


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hi to everyone & especially the devs who dedicate most of their time for our entertainment.

this is my first comment on this site so i hope i would be a helpful person to report some of bugs/mistakes . i just started to play this game and i came through some bugs i would report to help devs to correct them

game version am playing is 1.20 c

 ok First .while i was playing in yoshiko's storyline quest i think when she accepted to help that mage dark-skinned elf to find ruines in order to retreave her sword the bug was : characters mixed up just in image thats all (the elf toke place of yoshiko and yoshiko toke the elf place)

Second : when yoshiko finishs helping the elf and goes back to home when she finds that all of her town burned down and engage in a battle with that  demon servant of "the queen" the bug was : repeatable fight scene

i dont know if you are supposed to lose BUT when you win you keep repeating the fight. i hope that would be helpful.

and i will be playing this game to find out more actually i loved the idea of the game especially whe there is a lot of adventures (:

Hah! Yea you're supposed to lose the fight against Wendigo. Nice job beating him, he must have been hard :o
Thanks for the heads up!

Feel free to stop by the discord and tune into #project_skyward
you can also submit bugs in #ps_bugs.


sorry for the vey late respond, i was a bit busy (x.

by the way nice art work i willkeep my eyes open for anything i can find

and yeah he was a hard 

and for discord i cant join due to personal reasons ^^"


Hey dude I'm stuck, what is a password of fairy house ?

where can you find the lone wolf in the lower levels

Ok nevermind I just figured it I'm so stupid you just gotta move those on top of them like pressure plates


Hey dude yeah I'm stuck, I'm near the beginning at ancient ruins where you gotta find that goblin who took your sword. I've somewhat of explored the cave but can't get any further, I assume to get further I've got activate those white plates, I somehow activated one of them but the others don't do anything just doesn't seem to work I've tried everything  to get them to activate but nothing could someone possibly give me a tip please

Deleted 65 days ago

Male protags are cringe. Futanari or bust.

Deleted 65 days ago

is there a guide anywhere for the dark crystal locations? I missed #s 6,7,8 and 9 and have no idea where they are 

There's no guide for their locations :o but you're more than welcome to join the Discord and ask other players in the #skyward_foundry channel for tips!

um i missed dark crystals in the hometown is there any way to get back there and get them?

No unfortunately T^T, prologue dark crystals can't be obtained once that part of the game is done

This may be fixed in the near future but for now  I apologize @v@

Hey, a little help.
I'm on the lookout for the thief, precisely the dwarf's pieces.
I already have the first one, and I can't find the second one... I'm a little embarrassed, but I can't get past it. grateful for any hint ;)

Which one did you find first?

the one where the chickens (by the salesman pig)


The next piece can be found where you spied on the Blackeye gang.

Deleted 3 years ago

(1st scrsht) Did you try to move the barrel? ;)

Deleted 3 years ago

I would advise against trying the Inn as it is extremely unfinished. As for DK said, try moving the barrel (will try and make it a bit obvious that you can move it).

Deleted 3 years ago

Hold on, let me check to see if it is not bugged. Btw, are you hold down any of the movement keys together with the action key (Z)?

Alright, I checked. It works fine for me and I used both a movement key (Right Key) and the action key (Z) together, have you tried that?

Deleted 3 years ago

I need a help please, How do I let the guard let me go to the ground floor? It tells me that the area is under construction.

Or is this scene not yet? If so, I spent 5 hours doing nothing xD

Sorry for the super late reply Violek :[ The lower slums aren't available yet. This next patch that's coming out will allow you to explore it though!

Exotic Elven brothel! Scummy denizens, and several new hentai quests (and expansions to old ones) and much more ~.^


Oks, thanks for the reply.

Is the second time you visit April supposed to have the images so zoomed in?
I assume that the pictures are supposed to be of her chest, since I chose the milking service… but I really can't entirely tell for certain…

This also happens afterward.
That '0' probably shouldn't be there.

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Ah yes, I really need to bring that scene up to date.

Sorry! I've been tackling several others but April x Yoshiko will get a rework very soon.


How do I kill the goblins in the weapon shop?

Basically, the only way i've defeated them is to get lucky enough to get 2 level 2 goblins, used a potion and milk during it. They really should make the battle a fixed one where the goblins are either a level 1 and a level 2 or just both level 1. As it stands, every time I got a level 3 goblin i've died. Pretty brutal, but I think this could be unintentional. I'm surprised none of the playtesters had a problem like this, if any.

It's a randomized battle? That's rather problematic…

The levels of the goblins are, at least in my case.  Also,  if you don't want to have to do the entire introduction again, you can actually go back to the house. It'll trigger a cutscene, but it won't matter. Go upstairs and save at the book and then go back to the blacksmith to *hopefully* get a fair fight.

Oh, yeah, I did that after my first death. Truncated about 2 hours of being lost to 2 minutes of knowing exactly where to go.

I was not going to crawl through the sex scene again, so I made sure to avoid buildings that weren't my house until I was able to save.

I probably won't play much of this game due to only beinb able to save at a single tile in the entire game. I don't mind the journal limitation, but I rather have the journal as a key item that lets you save at desks with a quill.

If you're wondering why have the journal if quills will be save points; it's so the game can have a legitimate reason for locking you out of saving at certain events in areas that have quill desks.

As an example, there could be a dream state where their are quill desks, during the dream, all your items are recorded and removed from you. You can't keep a record of your dream activities while dreaming, you need to be awake for that. Usually. When the dream ends and you wake up, the recorded items get returned to you, including the journal.

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I wouldn't know about having only one save place. After going into the forest west of the house, I completed the goblin battle, then encountered a random battle and realized that there was no healing after battles. The combination of random encounters and no healing after battle was the cut-off for me. If you get low during the goblin fight, you might be taken out by a wild cockatrice. And you couldn't even avoid fighting the cockatrice because the battle was randomly encountered. The Sorceress can heal, but she has limited MP and that doesn't come back either. As for being lost, I didn't find it too hard to follow the path. The inn was in the northeastern part of town and the farm was just outside the town. You leave the town on the southeastern path, just south of the inn.

My main issue wasn't the save points, but the fact that the battles are absolutely ruthless and random. On a semi-related note, it may be an opinion, but random encounters are the absolute worst kind of battle encounter, ever. Sure it may be more work to put in events that chase the player to encounter on touch, but it makes it so the player can choose to avoid these battles. The way to discourage people from avoiding all the fights is to make your bosses and required fights harder, so the player has to level up in order to be strong enough to defeat the required fight. 

Overall, the developers seem professional, but inexperienced. I think as time goes on, they will improve. I was excited to see a game with some decent artwork , but the cutscene with Ann in the Inn made me shiver (I don't mean any offense by it. I looked around a saw a comment they made which hints at them also being inexperienced at artwork. Maybe they'll actually see this feedback and at least consider it.

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