A downloadable game for Windows

v1.3 Act III
 Dark Portals




To the open seas!

Set sail toward the many diverse islands known as the Sister Isles; though something sinister is amidst...

An ominous wind blows from the North, what disturbing fate was

wrought on the aquatic undersea elves by the malevolent Demon Queen?!

Gather your party, and journey to slay the 'evil' Demon Queen, Eraanthe!

⭐️ Controls ⭐️

Select : Z 

Menu/Back : X

Speed Dialogue : Hold W

Skip Dialogue : Hold X (when applicable)

Move Up/Down/Left/Right : Arrow Keys

Push Object : Hold Up/Down/Left/Right + Z

Next/Prev Item Page : Page Up/Page Down (during item lists)



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⭐️ SkywardFoundry Dev ⭐️

Areving ⭐️ Eraanthe ⭐️ Fallout ⭐️ Confukius ⭐️ AkumaNein



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Download and extract.
Save files are not fully stable from build to build unless otherwise stated in the release's development log.

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Having the entire home village burnt to the ground and most of the inhabitants killed because the most serious threat by far to the village's survival, well known to ALL inhabitants, just kinda slipped the protagonist's mind...      just...     what degree of retardation is required to be able to blank out on something like that? Just what kind of protagonist did you think up here? This kind of plot setting is just a little bit too outrageously implausible... I mean... Did she REALLY need to chase after a goblin thief the VERY SAME DAY as the "Tribute", practically ensuring her ENTIRE VILLAGE getting ABSOLUTELY EXTERMINATED!?!?!?

Like... as if she couldn't have had even the slightest inkling as to what might happen... and as if the rest of the villagers couldn't have known and have made sure everyone knew, including the protagonist... as if this kind of threat wouldn't be taken seriously by every single one... every, single, time...

This is the kind of preposterous plot hole that kills a potentially good story, and kills it beyond repair. You cannot possibly expect a sane person to feel any degree of involvement in the story after something like this.

So, how to fix this?

First of all, if you want this sort of tragic story development, you need to make sure that it happens for a VERY GOOD REASON – at least a perfectly plausible one! For example, you could change it so that NOBODY IN THE VILLAGE COULD HAVE KNOWN THIS OUTCOME! Because if even one of them knew, then everyone else would have been readily and promptly and thoroughly informed about it. Another option would be to have some extremely extraordinary circumstance that would completely prevent the protagonist from doing the ONLY thing that would keep the village safe from the threat of failing to meet the requirements of the Tribute. Being an impulsive airhead is just not anywhere near enough to be able to let this happen to your home village. That kind of setting is way too extreme! At least if you're going for a plot with the level of seriousness demonstrated by the unfolding of this kind of tragedy, with the way it was portrayed.

If you want a tragedy like this to unfold, either you consistently go for a stupidly goofy plot with lesser elements of seriousness, or you consistently go for something dead serious with lesser elements of goofiness. You can't have it both ways and call it a successful plot – at least not with this kind story development. A tragedy of this magnitude, portrayed in a way this serious – for the reasons that caused it – is going way too far if you wanted a lighthearted goofy story like what the protagonist you've designed would imply. You're basically using extremes of opposite kinds at the same time in the same plot. Make up your mind about what kind of story you want to tell, and then consistently shape the plot accordingly. Because this just doesn't work at all!

The very reason that caused the tragic extermination of the village makes the plot a 0/10 for me – a 0% score! The other plot elements are honestly way above that, but just that single stupid reason absolutely destroys the plot beyond repair. Every other aspect of the game so far is also way above a 0% score, maybe in the 60-80% range. But the plot will remain a solid 0% no matter what happens afterwards, unless you change the reason for the tragedy to one that's equally plausible as to the seriousness of the portraying thereof, OR change the portraying of the tragedy to a way that's equally ridiculous as the reason for it.

you missed the point

could you offer steamkeys here for us german fellows?

We would be happy to set it up here for our German players but for now you can join the discord from the link above, DM myself or Areving and we'll send you an invoice for a Steam Key.


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дякую за шикарну гру

Damn... looks amazing but... xD i dont remember my discord acc. 


No more updates here, since it has been released on Steam??


Join our discord to get updated quickest and have a chance at give-aways / contests. <3


Done :3

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So this is a gay game?


boi do you not know what Futa is? get this mf out of here



That was a joke :[[[

I'm stuck in that big tree after magic school, I don't know how to get up and main missions no longer appear.

You should hop into the discord so we can help: https://discord.com/invite/BHEeHyFjvK

Cool game, but I can't install via the Itch.io client with the way your manifest is setup.

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So, how do you progress in Vitaen ruins? I’ve tried plenty of stuff and I’m out of ideas (moved stones, circle does nothing)… also fishing on island resets sprites of party to default Yoshiko only and there’s no way to return from Odyssey when taking boat in harbor north-east of ruins.

Thanks for playing the game! Would you mind hopping into the discord and posting your save in the #project_skyward channel?

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Currently stuck right now either due to a bug or something else, but I'm currently on a quest of building a boat and the dwarf(gen)  says I don't have enough iron ingots(I have 26 iron ingots). Am I doing something wrong? (I really like this game and I want to progress) 

This issue has been reported and should be fixed in the next hotfix build, thanks!

amazing game. i hope there frotting scenes. so hot

Glad you're enjoying it so far!

A large portion of the dev room isn't accessible.

Yea it's closed off for now while Act III testing is underway

Ah, good to know.

is the download button missing

go go go DL


waiting to download

Go go go


Hallo! Is there a donation & download button somewhere here? I would like to contribute.

Deep thanks for making this game <3


DL link is down right now in preparation for the update. Also, if you scroll up a bit you'll see the links to the Discord, Patreon, and official site.

Thank you for your support!


Thank moreso yourselves for making the game! <3

Will support soon in what quantity I'm able. Really, thank you for your work.


Found a small bug. Right here there isn't collision and I can get on the wall. This doesn't let me go anywhere so it's more cute than anything. Only works when going south onto the wall. I think the 'grass' there is what is letting me get there.



dash just kind of stopped, also, is this game still being worked on


Check out the discord for regular updates. New patch coming out very very very very soon.

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how can i pass the demon queen castel after i complete the tests in magic school?

(sorry for grammar, im not fluent in english)

Sorry for the late reply

You should hop into the discord server if you need help or tips. Lots of helpful players there that can point you in the right direction.


I can't even find the sword stealing goblin in the temple. >_<

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Greetings dev and good luck with game development. When I transfer my save files from the 1.20c  to 1.25f version, I get the following error; " Can't read property '0' of undefined " . What can I do ?

My game is broken (I activated the last crystal in the lock and the door won't let me out. At the same time, autosave occurred. Can you tell me what to do?

Futanari gang

how do i trigger the h scene with cuzia and the high elf at ivor?

(sorry for the bad grammar)

You'll need an Elixer of Charming to trigger the h scene with Sylvia, the Highelf in Ivor

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can i play with only mouse,or just the buttons work?

Mouse works!

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How to fix the quest journal going black when I try to view a quest?

I played it thru joiplay

You should join the discord so we can help you out with that. Link is on the landing page.

Hey guys, I was just wondering. I just finished the Haunted Woods mission and I know that is possible to make the Old Hag fuck Hitomi, but how?! Can anyone please explain?

The Old Hag fucking Hitomi is a Monster Break scene that occurs in combat if you have the Hag arrested.

Later when you do the sneaking mission in the Ivor Palace, she's in the jail cell next to you after getting caught. Fight her and that's where it happens.

Dear Skyward Foundry Dev,

It seems that both of your Discord servers have been abandoned, and your Twitter account has been suspended. I imagine that you likely will not receive this message either, but we don't know how else to get in touch with you at this time…

We hope you are alright, and that you are able to reinstate your Twitter and any other accounts that have been hijacked or suspended.


? What do you mean ? Both discord servers are active. Just join and say where you joined from and we'll update your roles.

Also my new twitter handle is @EraantheFuta

"Just join and say where you joined from and we'll update your roles."

We tried that and nothing happened… We'll try again in the morning if we remember.

xD Don't leave immediately haha. I check the new joins whenever I wake up.

This has been bugging us for a while… is the post about "Mistress M" on July thirteenth of this year (in the ELO Hell Discord) a serious post?

We have difficulty telling… Though it might have been when you were hacked?

That aside… We need to find time to download and play Project Skyforge again; We haven't played it since the bug report(?) we made ages ago, and we feel bad about that…

how do i get the pickaxe to break the diamond 

Proceed through Act II and get to the top of the Mage's Guild. After speaking with Saya and going through that short Dark Castle intermission you should get the Diamond Pickaxe.

the project has been abandoned?

lul no f95 zone is just retarded

Where is the glade?

This is the map I made about the mystic ruins (first dungeon) I'm not able to find another way to the goblin door, I have three keys, found two doors and this are my unlocked paths, the S is the scrolls room, the Y's  are the yellow stones, the lower Y is activated and shining, the upper is not reachable, the two circles are two not reachable portals for now, can anyone draw where is the third door or the path I'm missing? Thanks

Holy shit, there was two rocks in the upper Y room with shadows

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, glad you were able to find your way. You should join the ELO Heaven discord if you have any other questions; plenty of play testers there and myself to help you out more promptly.

Is there a way to rewatch H-scenes ?

ProjectSkyward 1.25f\www\img\picturegallery In that route you have the scene images

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Well, i meant, the scene with Yoshiko and stuff


wait its that tales of androgyny number 2?



what is the difference between versions 1.25f and 1.25e or 1.25d?


You can check out the patch log between each version via the dev posts.

anybody has a guide to this? its 2 hard

You should join the discord server if you have any questions; plenty of ppl willing to drop tips and hints for you if you're stuck. #project_skyward channel via the link above.


I know you don't really seem to check this page often but I was wondering if you could add more futa on futa scenes in the final upcoming act, I would appreciate it and unless you already have them planned then that is even better


That's the plan! :]

Where do I find Xan? Beat the game and trying to find all the scenes now but no clue where to find this character.


Zan's hscenes are during the Dark Castle Intermissions when you play as the Demon Queen. She can be found in the east wing dungeon cell with the cracked wall upon interacting with it.

how do i get the tool to destroy the diamond crystal

Proceed to Act II and get to the top of the Mage's Guild.

I Have the soluce potion of hiding

Hello,  I need help for midst the halls of kings, how and where activate the citrine angel? I'm outside the king palace and I Have loot the key

did you ever figure it out? I myself cant seem to find the third statue

I believe this one is out in the garden no? The lower left area of the map, there are two gold switches you can step over and interact with.

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